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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 31 December 2012


One more day (well less than a day) before we have a whole new year ahead of us! 
As sad as I am that the Christmas Season is over, I am excited for new beginnings and all of the fun things ahead of us for 2013. 

One thing that I do enjoy doing is setting goals and new year resolutions. I know some don't like resolutions as they think they just get broken, but I see it more positively. I think it's great to try something new, at least try to achieve a goal as it means you're at least thinking, trying to improve and attempting to be a better person. Practise makes perfect, so maybe for all the people that hide away from goals through fear of failure, should just keep trying again until they nail it...Practise makes perfect right?

So here are my goals for 2013!!

1. Bat away first instincts to be sceptical. i.e. Try to be more positive in everyday life.
2. Get more sleep (I'll talk to Grey about that one)
3. Be even more organised (I got better, but not brilliant, for 2012...time to perfect it)
4. De-clutter. (i've spent the year de-cluttering of things I don't need ...time to step it up a notch...House is almost where I want it)
5. Travel
6. Train up more brilliant Makeup Artists to assist me on what I predict to be another busy year!
7. KICK ALL CHEESE, MILK, REFINED SUGARS & BREAD for 60 days. (then one treat a week from then on) - Cheese is no good for me, I don't need milk, though I don't have a lot of sugar, if there is cake to be had, I will have it. This goal will save me from what will be an epic January of Baby Birthday parties. Extreme willpower will be needed...I CAN DO THIS!
8. 60 Days of Insanity Workout with Sean T. (I have been doing this workout since I had Grey TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO...but as my work season calmed down, I fell into a tired stupor and all but gave up after October.  Time to reinstate it and stick the the 5 day a week workout plan...this requires to get up early which requires me to follow through with 2.) above)
9. Have a fun year with Grey, his friends and our family. 
10. Go to the Dentist. 
11. Make my business double last year...I can do it!
12. Take Ballet and Tap Dance Lessons! (I can't wait to do this!)

So these are my goals and resolutions for 2013!

For some you will just have to take my word for it. For others ie. the 60 days of Insanity and diet...I will show you befores and afters!

I wish you all luck with your resolutions and goals! Happy 2013!!

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