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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

GREAT News for Makeup Artists and the Animal Kingdom

So for those of you who don't know, I am a vegetarian. I have been since I was 20, after completing my degree and doing a final paper on animal cruelty. That was over 10 years ago (eek). Since then I have tried to live a 'guilt-free' existence and use products that weren't tested on animals and that also didn't have any nasties in it.

My attempt to be good to the animal world just got a thousand times easier for me and for animals, animal lovers and makeup and hair artists because the BAN on animal testing has taken effect in the EU! YAY!!! About Flipping time peopleeeee!!




Apparently there has been a ban on animal testing in 27 other EU countries but now it has spread completely across the EU and now they are working on making it a worldwide ban. 

This is tremendous news for several reasons! 
1. Animals have a different genetic make-up to us, therefore testing on them actually proves very little because what may not cause 'issues' on a tested animal, may still cause problems in humans. 

2. Those lovely bunnies that are tested on...that have cosmetics dripped into their little eyes? Yeah, well those little bunnies have no tear ducts. So really it proves nothing that the chemical they are being subjected to is safe or harmful. Oh and a lot of the time, even if the chemical does cause issues, the companies will still allow it to go into our products and will just put a disclaimer on the bottle saying 'Rinse immediately if in contact with eyes'. Yeah, sounds like lovely stuff. 

3. A lot of the products they are testing, are tested because manufacturers are aware the ingredient, chemical etc is actually harmful but they want to see JUST HOW HARMFUL it really is. Totally unnecessary if they just didn't use a chemically altered product they know could be harmful! 

I say, if it causes cancer in animals, stop putting it on the animals and stop pumping it into our products! 

4. It is incredibly difficult to find products that are good for the consumer, haven't hurt a living animal in the process of making it, hasn't exploited humans or eco systems while producing ingredients and still works great. 

It has taken over 20 years to get this far! It is an incredible achievement and can imagine that those who have been actively campaigning for this ban to move forward must be overwhelmed with joy and emotion. 

Now we just have to convince the manufacturers of many of our products to stop putting so many toxins and nasty ingredients in our products. There is no need for it! I don't care if a bottle of shampoo is a pretty colour of pink! I don't care if it lathers! I don't care if it has the sweet smell of lichees when lichees aren't even grown in the UK! 

It's funny that this ban has come right when I am in the middle of training up my own cruelty-free, healthy makeup artists as well as running Toxin Awareness workshops with my good friend Sandra Schumacher from Chic Face & Body Clinic in Ely and our friend Maya who is our toxin awareness woman! 

Not only am I trying to get my artists to be aware of the products they are using on their clients, but hoping they will choose natural cosmetics and products that have not been tested and don't have nasty chemicals in them. 

Tonight will be my first big workshop of Toxin Awareness and it is great, because I will be able to shout from the rooftops, the new finding as well! 

We can all try and live healthier lives, take care of the animal world and also have a little more education on what we use day to day. 

It may be difficult to make everything as how it should be, but swapping and using healthier products where we can, can make a difference in the long run. 


  1. Love your blog and this post (You don't seem to have one of those follow buttons). I've taken a vow to UTTERLY stop buying all brands that test on animals. Which makes Lush my favourite brand at the mo, haha. I'm working on a list of brands that completely avoid animal testing. Oh, and you look nowhere near 30 x
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Hello!! Thank you so much for telling me! I had taken off the followers section over a year ago, not realising that it meant people couldn't follow me. So thank you for letting me know. It's no wonder I don't have as many followers on Blog then I do Youtube and Facebook! :)

      I think it is great that you are not buying bad brands now! It is so hard to be healthy and use the correct products for your health, but every little thing helps. So even small changes will help.

      Oh and thank you...I feel about 40 haha!


      p.s. please follow me now and i shall do the same x

  2. Thanks for adding the button! Have followed! You're right, it is incredibly difficult to not buy a mascara you really want knowing it's been tested on animals, but I've seen animal testing while working as a journalist and the images help me stay away (throw up as well). I'm not perfect, I just did a haul of Lancome and realised half an hour ago that L'Oreal, who owns them, sometimes tests on animals. Bad, bad girl :(
    My Beauty Junction


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