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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Homemade Hair Care - On a Budget

Hi Everyone! 

So a few weeks ago I was in Cambridge and thought I would pop into BOOTS and see what sort of party was happening in there after a meeting. 

WELL there was a huge party happening. Because I saw that that Boots was carrying SMASHBOX now! How exciting! I managed to pick up a couple of things from them which I am loving. 

I then saw that Ojon  was being sold as well. I have been using some of their products for years and thought I might as well try out their Rare Blend Oil which I didn't realise until now, when researching the products I used for this blog, that is cost me a whopping £29.00 for this TINY little bottle! It was in the Elle Beauty Awards and everything. 

My next stop was to the BUMBLE AND BUMBLE kiosk. 
I had been after their Sea Salt Spray for ages as well! I love a good Sea Salt Spray but always struggle to find the perfect one for me. I was hoping that the Bumble and Bumble version would be the spray of my dreams. 
For the price of £20.00 I was hoping it would be just right. But again, I found it was too sticky for my hair. I have long hair and it was as if i was putting gel in my hair. I would never do that unless my hair was shorter. 
So we tried it in my sister's hair, which is shorter than mine,  and it made her hair incredibly sticky and frizzy. 
I'm not really sure what the problem was. But it just wasn't right for our hair. 

Once I tried the Ojon, I couldn't really understand the hype behind this particular product. All of their other products are fab...So what's going on?
I thought maybe I was using it wrong or something because I just didn't love it. I felt a little ripped off! It cost me so much money and did next to nothing for my hair which is quite thick and course at times. 

Apparently you shake it up and only need one drop of this elixir, but this definitely wasn't the case for me and if I used it to the extent that my hair needed it, I can safely say I would have used this entire bottle of liquid gold (according to the price tag) in one week. 

It was something I had been after for a long time. I love most Ojon products but this particular one just wasn't right for me. So this gave me an idea....

I had tried two products for my hair, that I had spent £50 on, and they weren't perfect for me. It doesn't mean that they aren't good products but it just means they were designed for me hair (even if they said they were)

So as I took these products to Scotland over Easter, I had an idea, that maybe to have the perfect product for MY hair would mean I would have to make it myself. And that is exactly what I did.

Below is a list of products I used and rough costs from various places. You can shop around to find the best prices. 

My sister and I then went about creating our own:
Hair Serum
Sea Salt Spray
Dry Shampoo 
(I love dry shampoo, so thought I would throw this one in)

Cornflour .60p
Coconut Oil £7 for 400g
Salt .20p 
Rose Oil £2.49
Travel Bottles £1.50

(Apologies as it cuts out in one bit. My son tipped the camera and I had to cut it off and re-film a section. :)  )

I hope you enjoy! 

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  1. Hi Ashley! Some lovely products there! I am a new follower! if you have a chance please check out my blog and follow if you like!


  2. Hi there Ashley! I am a huge follower. I do not care how young or old one is if they have great beauty advice I will take it. I am what is called a beauty connoisseur! I love your blog and great ideas and tips. I did your tutorial and my husband even loves using the hair balm (I used a tad of his fav cologne in it)! Well, have to run .... enjoy London. I miss living there!

    1. Hello Elizabeth,

      I would say I am definitely not on the young side anymore haha! I'm pleased you love my blog! Thank you for checking it out! A splash of cologne is great isn't it? Makes the men smell lovely all of the time!

      Where do you live now, if not in London?


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