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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Natural is Enough

The Spring is a lovely time to hang out with family, pull out the pretty sundresses from my vacuum-sealed storage bags under my bed, and of course, eat lots my with family and friends, which is exactly how I have been enjoying the past few weeks. My mother used to always say to me, 'every woman looks better in a sundress,' which I grew to believe, so as May creeps around the corner, I'm feeling a bit guilty about all the delicious and tempting foods I gave into. Of course none of these foods were  Once I got back from my holiday in Scotland, I felt icky from the overload of food and was inspired to improve my diet and do some all over detox! It got me thinking, I should spread out the goodness and incorporate it in my upcoming spring beauty routine! This springs focus for me is natural, natural, natural!
My top beauty tips this spring are: 

1. Invest in coconut oil! (Lots and lots will never be enough!)
 The dry flaky feeling after getting out of the sun, a few hours after your sunscreen has dried onto your skin- Its the worst! Although sunscreen is my number one, never skip, best friend in a bottle it can be harsh and drying on my skin. Just a dollop of coconut oil on the back of my arms and legs seals up my dry patches-naturally!
Coconut oil can be purchased almost at any major superstore, grocer, or chemist store. It differs from coconut butter, as the butter can be a bit thicker-still good stuff! Nice for cooking as well!
Coconut oil has become my best go-to this spring because it has so many uses to make my body happy and healthy, glowing on the outside!
Speaking of, I am right in the middle of uploading my first DIY tutorial. In this, I'm with my beautiful sister Tatiana who helped me make a chemical, paraben, and artificial fragrance free dry shampoo, hair serum, and sexy beach wave spray. In two of these DIY's, I used my faithful friend the coconut oil. With this oil in my products, I know its a natural alternative and its full of good things for my hair, skin, and overall health Did I mention its guilt free?


2. Honey! (Sticky, sweet and full of benefits)
I've always been fascinated by bees and their teamwork. A single bee can work their whole life visiting thousands of flowers and only produce a teaspoon of honey. That honey is full of nutritional and healing properties. It acts as a natural antibacterial and contains powerful healing enzymes. That's why this sweet nectar acts as a perfect face masque for spring. As we will be outside more often, our face will want to pick up the nasty pollution in the air and clog our pores. Making this honey masque helps clear out ickiness from our pores to let our pretty skin show through. Honey as an antibacterial quickly aids to clear out acne and cleanse dirty pores. Simply putting a tablespoon of honey on my skin at night really cleared up my skin within a few weeks! And it was so easy! No other mixing, combining or boiling. Just honey from the bees bum to do miracles!

With both of these food items in mind, I realised I am what I eat! Because the coconut oil and honey are kind to my skin, its all the more reason for me to continue my search for natural alternatives to parabens, chemicals, and unnatural fragrances. Keep a watch on my blog for more natural solutions and be sure to check out my newest video on YouTube that shows you how to make some of your favourite beauty products cheaper and naturally! 

For other treatments for your skin that doesn't include nasty chemicals and other ickies, check out

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