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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring Hair and Makeup Tutorial -bareMinerals and Enrapture

Right, its still pretty cold out, but it is finally getting sunny, so I think it's time to post this lovely Spring tutorial I did a couple of weeks ago.

I do love spring, with the birdies flying everywhere (I have a bird obsession that I didn't realise I had until it was pointed out to me last Christmas), there SHOULD be buds getting ready to bloom everywhere, but there isn't at the moment, but I still love the idea of spring, even if it isn't here. However, there are lambs and lots of them and that makes up for the lack of warmth, flowers and just spring-like stuff going on. 

A couple of weeks ago bareMinerals graced my postbox with some beautiful new products from their READY range which is just beautiful. 

I have always loved bareMinerals and the fact they don't test on animals, their products are natural and the colours are just beautiful. 

BUT now they have compact versions of everything, which I know I have talked about before, but I will do it again because I think people still only think of bareMinerals as being the loose powders which weren't always easy to use, especially on-the-go. 

Here is REMIX- The Next Big Thing quad shadow palette
And REMIX- The Wild Thing quad shadow palette 
Both RRP £29.00

I use both of these in the tutorial and several other products. But I just wanted you to get a closer glimpse at these lovely and wearable colours. 

The colours go on lightly and are buildable, so don't be put off by the blues and greens. They are very wearable and great for spring and summer to give yourself a pop of colour and a kick to your makeup regime. 

To finish the look, I of course had to do my hair. I have a lovely heated roller set by ENRAPTURE  WHICH ARE AMAZING!
I have had such a difficult time finding high quality heated rollers that give you the heat you need to get through all of the hair and also provide you with enough rollers to do a full head of hair!

There are 10 large rollers and 10 smaller rollers. I have quite a bit of hair and I managed to fit all of them in and not have any spare hair left over. 

These rollers are great for girls on-the-go because you can heat them up, pop them in and continue with your morning. Once they are cooled, you quickly pop them back out of the hair and literally you hair is ready to go. 

I am a girl who loves minimal fuss in the morning so I think these are a great addition to a minimalist's kit! No faffing, quick, bouncy curls in a flash!


Perfecting liquid foundation FAIR
Anti-crease concealer LIGHT
Coral Reef Lipstick

Mineral Veil 
The Wild Thing
The Next Big Thing
The Natural High

Extremity Heated Hair Rollers



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