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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hair & Beauty Finder App- Everything at Your Fingertips

A while ago I mentioned that I had a makeup app for Primp Powder Pout. It's a basic app that allows people to check my blog and watch my tutorials on YouTube. At the moment I have over 80,000  installs, which is pretty great. 

Though there are apps out there that are like mine, I hadn't come across any apps that allowed people to search for top hair and makeup artists within the areas they are working or getting married in. 

There really needed to be an app, which was almost like an agent, that allowed you to search for you were looking for and contact them all in one place and from your phone. 

Luckily this is coming to an end because there is a new app which is relaunching called Hair & Beauty Finder which is available through the App Store on iTunes

The app, which launched last year, was a huge success and saw in six months, an download rate of 200,000+. 

Now Hair & Beauty Finder have upped their game and have down a complete overhaul and the app is going to be AMAZING! 

It's going to be really simple to use. Here are some of the features:

Settings: You can set the app to the appropriate distance you are willing to search for the perfect hair, makeup or beauty artist. 

Location Page: You'll be able to search for your artists through your current location or postcode. 

Category: Search for a specific type of artist by going through specific categories. Great for weeding out who and what exactly you are looking for. 

Listings: Once you find your desired artist, you will get a full page of everything you need to get in touch, from their name, contact number, email address, business address if applicable and also see reviews that people leave and ratings from 1-5 stars. 

You can click through and ring your artist straight from your phone. It's brilliant and easy. 

This isn't just for clients. This is a great tool for businesses because it means that you're literally at potential client's fingertips at all times. Apps are the way forward. Now that most people own smart phones or some sort of iPad or tablet, it is important to be available and contactable in this way! 

If you don't have your own app or even if you do, it doesn't hurt to hop onto this one as well to help push your business in the direction you want to go!

This app is going to be ready to go in about a week's time. So watch this space. I will most definitely be on there! 

Follow below to see my updates on this app and a video once it has launched:

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