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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Home Sick or Travel Sick?

Hi Everyone, so before you read on, I just want to introduce my sister, Lexi, who will now be a contributor to our blog. 
I have always wanted to add more to my blog and after spending 5 months with my little sister, I realise she is one of the missing elements to this beauty blog.

We all know I do hair and makeup, but there are other things that I love and luckily for me and you, my sister has similar interests to me but also has a dab hand at writing as well. 

Lexi is 19 and spent from December 2012-April 2013 with me and the amount she learned and grew as an individual was immense.
Because of Lexi's interest in all things new, life, living on her own, the outdoors, beauty, the arts and music. I felt that Lexi really has something special to offer everyone. 

From now on, Lexi will write regularly. You will know the blog is from her because she will sign it off with Lexi and you will be able to find her in the tabs along the right hand column. 

So without further ado, I would like to present you with Lexi, my younger, super cute and ever changing sister.


I've been back in the United States for about two weeks now, its been quite an adjustment.

I was prepared, I knew it would be; but its almost as if everyone is saying, "Welcome home! I haven't changed a bit!" On a lighter note, I couldn't be more excited to join onto Primp Powder Pout's blog as a co-writer.. can't wait!

It's a bit funny returning from the travels I've experienced, yet to return to the same place I started. I am finding I am treating things a bit different now, and my thoughts behind my actions are completely different.

For example, I learned to cook while living in England, so my latest obsession has been cookbooks, sharp knives, and wooden cutting boards. I've also taken an interest in gardening, so I've been running around shops looking for the prettiest, most expressive flowers I can find.

It took me almost three days to unpack my (3) suitcases :) I couldn't be bothered to take out and place my memories somewhere other than my home in England, it just felt weird and unsettling.

Did I mention I miss my sister more than anything in my suitcase? She's so cute and tiny I guess I would've fit her in my suitcase, but I was already working on putting my favourite baby boy, Greyson, in the suitcase first!

 My sister (Ashley) and I (Lexi)
My little nephew, Greyson (packing my suitcase)

I live in Denver, Colorado which I think is one of the best states in all of America! Famous for its music scene, vivacious red rock ampitheater, and luscious mountains.
View from the back of my parent's house.

The beautiful Rocky Mountains

Enjoying a spot of hiking and river-time. That's me...hanging out (literally)

 Its my native state and home away from England, but man, is it dry! Even on the long flight, I almost felt as if my skin was literally shrivelling up into a prune! I've been devoted to my coconut oil, its become my best friend since my sister and I are apart- which we have been attached at the hip for months.

How will I manage...

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