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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Guest Blogger Alert : Lena Mae!

Hello dear readers,
I hope you don’t mind the intrusion, but I have kindly invited myself to be a guest blogger here at Primp, Powder, Pout! Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Lena Mae, and as well as being one of Ashley’s best friends and all round goofball, I’m also a burlesque dancer.  I thought it might be fun to amuse you every now and again with some of my adventures in cabaret! I welcome any feedback or questions so feel free to comment below or drop me an email : Today I’m going to take you on a whistle stop tour of last Saturday night..
My boat race. Photo © Paul Marc Mitchell and Proud
I had the pleasure of returning to The Wam Bam Club at Cafe de Paris in London. I adore the Café De Paris, have you ever been? It’s secreted behind an inconspicuous, blink and you’ll miss them pair of doors in the West End, nestled amongst the huge shop fronts. Behind those doors though, is a luxurious, decadent playground! 
The Wam Bam Club runs weekly, hosting burlesque, music and variety acts alongside beautiful male and female in-house dancers, a wonderful drag queen and the inimitable mistress of Wam Bam, Lady Alex. The first tick on the list of excellent fun is this :  the dressing rooms are a dream come true! Imagine a room swathed in red velvet, tiny chihuahuas scampering about, pringles on tap and..BEDS! A premium recipe, I’m sure you’ll agree. It was in this dressing room that I became acquainted with Alex’s 12inch glittering strap-on, but we’ll save that story for another day..

‘Wam Bam Belle’ Scarlett reclines in the dressing room.

And now the show itself (or my place in it at least). I performed two acts, the first of which was my BRAND NEW tribute to my beloved, most favourite of bands. You might have heard of them, a beat quartet called ‘The Beatles’? I guess they’re pretty underground. I was a little nervous with this one, having only performed it once before who’s to know what could go wrong? But hip hip! All mishaps were minor and I had SO MUCH FUN! Here you can see me twirling in my Sgt Pepper regalia:

A lavish 3 course meal is served throughout the show, with folk sharing tables and getting more enthused as the evening progresses. I had a few lovely pals in the audience and I’m sure I could hear their outrageous hollering throughout my performances. My 2nd act was the ‘Dirty Boogie’ my red showgirl number which climaxes in a glitter pour finale (Fun! Messy!). However on this night I arched my back that bit too far, peaking instead in a comical face full of glitter and a lustrous pair of lungs I’d imagine!

And so show over, pringles consumed and after a vain attempt at wiping off some of that glitter I head across London to catch the train. I know looked quite the sight. A walking, talking disco-ball groaning as she lugged the world’s largest suitcase across town...arriving home a couple of hours later to a dazzled husband and a bemused dog. Lovely!

Space cadet 2013 : The Damage! 

And tonight I perform at a wedding reception, let’s hope my bumps and grinds don’t disgruntle any Uncles ;)

Until next time, Cheerio!
 Lena x

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