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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Guest blogger Lena talks Soho, Dr Who and Twutting.

Ahoy sailors

Can’t get rid of me, eh? I’ve been a wandering – and last Wednesday night I shored in bonny ol’ Soho. Ahh Soho, so vibrant! Home to my favourite peep show and a wonderful Patisserie which Ashley and I rather enjoy frequenting.. But I digress.

Ashley and I just about to enter a patisserie..possibly.

I was in town to be part of a show called Cabaret Roulette. It’s a themed variety night with a difference… twist being that the theme is released only two months before the show and each performer must create a brand new act especially for the night! I’d heard about it but thought it to be out of my reach – I wouldn’t dare try and create a plausible act in such a short space of time! But then the next theme was announced : It was Dr Who..AH MA GAAD!

Bubbling excitement at the notification. I was there already. Before I’d applied I was there! With most of Sylvester McCoy’s costume waiting patiently in the wardrobe (Thanks to el husbando), I knew it’d simply have to be a strip tribute to the 7th Doctor. YES! So I got to it. Utilising that iconic question mark brolly, my friend Polly Goes Boom and I got to working on a little dance routine to Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ and a dubstep cover of the Dr Who theme. Pip pip! I dinted a nice big hole in Polly’s wall swinging the umbrella  around, so we migrated to a nearby tennis court for rehearsing.. Sorry Boom! 

On stage in 7th Doctor garb!

It hadn’t occurred to me before the night how it would feel – I generally try and debut acts at quieter shows for me own sake, but Madame Jojo’s was Ramajammed with expectant Sci-fi fans! Bleurgh (nerve juice). There were other acts too, all great. My new favourite songstress Anna Lou sang an original ditty about a naughty time travelling adventure :

Anna Lou and her squeeze box

And Ava Iscariot who painted her entire body grey to become a terrifying weeping angel! Don’t Blink!

Ava Iscariot - ARGH!

Also performing : A mind reader with physic paper, a ballet dancing TARDIS, and a juggling, disco dancing dalek..!
Pandemonium between acts. Miss Cairo delicately models a Colgate box (look closely..) 
And check out Gemma's dalek dress! Complete with light up boob-plungers!

A brilliant show – the audience all aware that this is new material and fully supporting each performer, what an atmosphere! A lovely surprise seeing my Rubyyy Jones in the audience (she is like the cutest, naughtiest real life cartoon character) who was doing a  ‘live tweeting’ experiment during the show.. now I’m not on twitter myself so I do wonder what she twet? twut? Twotted?!!

And in conclusion : What a blast! I had such fun and have decided after some favourable feedback that I’ll be keeping it the act, refining it, adding some awesome TARDIS lingerie, and having a permanent Who tribute in my repertoire . SCORE!

Until next time my friends, thanks for reading and TATTY BYE! x

All show photography by :
To learn more about Cabaret Roulette visit
And if you want me :

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