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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 8 July 2013

Beauty for Camping!

It is totally 100% confirmed that summer has finally arrived in England. (touch wood) We have had consecutive sun for about a week. (I know this sounds pretty bad, but for us, this is amazing!)

Last year I was crazy busy and we never made it camping, though we did make our way to Marbella which kind of trumps camping anyway! HOWEVER, it is sunny. It is going to remain sunny. AND my favourite campsite is going to have non-stop sun for this entire week. SOOO WE ARE GOING CAMPPPINGGG!!! YAY!!!!

So what am I taking camping?

MOST importantly I am taking my skincare! 

Which skincare are you taking Ashley, you ask?

I am taking my bareMinerals -Naturally Luminous Facial Cleanser, Active Cell Renewal Night Serum & Purely Nourishing Moisturiser!

RRP: £15

Gentle enough to remove eye makeup and it will cleanse my skin and leave it soft. It doesn't dry my skin out (which the sun and sea will probably do this week) and it will leave me feeling clean and fresh. 

It does foam, but only gently and a little goes a long way. I also like it because the lid clicks to close position so it isn't going to drip all over my things while travelling. 

RRP: £27.00

I am loving this product at the moment. I had some allergies a few weeks back which caused my skin to really dry out. It made me get a little nervous about things I was putting on my skin for a few weeks. It was so sensitive and dry. 

Anything made it sore, even just putting moisturiser on. BUT this moisturiser was incredibly gentle and didn't hurt my skin at all. It was just what it needed. 

So I have been swapping this in and out with my other daily moisturiser. It is a great one to take with me because I know if my skin gets a little sore, it is just what it will need. 

RRP: £38.00

A little goes a long way with this bad boy serum. After my long days in the sun, this serum is going to do it's work, when it is needed! It is going to help my skin repair itself while I recharge myself!
I will wake up with my skin suitably moisturised and feeling luscious! 

For my hair, I am taking with me my beloved trio I have been LOVING!! 
I have been using this set for a few weeks now and I cannot even begin to tell you how great they are, let alone how AMAZING THEY SMELL!!!!

What's even more amazing is that they are available for a fraction of the prices you would pay in a salon!
Below is the Repair Range by nspa

RRP: £3.95
Benchmarked against REDKIN costing £12.50!
I am incredibly particular about the products I use on my hair. My hair is MY THING! If it isn't looking great then I don't feel great!
I am loving this shampoo because it never strips my hair or dries it out. It leaves it feeling lovely and soft, yet clean. 

RRP: £3.95
Benchmarked against REDKIN Extreme Conditioner at £13.75
This is a luscious conditioner. I don't need very much at all. THIS IS SOMETHING I NEVER SAY. It is rich, beautifully scented and leaves my hair so soft. I love it so much, including the smell that I actually take a pea sized amount and run it through the ends of my hair and leave it, so I can smell it wafting along in my hair all day!

RRP: £3.95
Benchmarked against REDKIN Celestial Scalp mud at a whopping £31.00

This product blew me away and still does. The quality that you get for the pricing is spectacular. This miracle hair mask is just what my hair needs by the end of the week and I know my hair is going to love me for it when I bring it camping. My hair has a terrible tendency to get very tangled and this is just what my hair needs when it reaches the point of no return!

All of the hair care can be bought at:

So that is all of my skin and haircare taken care of! NOW WHAT TO WEAR!?

Check out my latest collection for easy to camp gear!


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