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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Yup, this blog is all about weddings today! So, if you are a bride to be, mother of the bride, a groom, or just someone who loves weddings, then this is the blog for you today!

Those who know me, know that I KNOW weddings. Why is this? Because I literally work on about 40+ weddings a year. 

I get to know my brides on a personal level. 
Photographer- Ben Davis
I get to know them over emails, several months before their wedding day. Learning the ins and outs of what they are wearing, their colour schemes, what their dresses look like and what the bridesmaids are wearing. 

Then, I finally meet them a few months before the big day and spend time chatting, laughing and getting to know them on an even more personal level. I learn about how they troweled through photographers, florists, dresses to get the exact look and style of wedding they are going for. 
Scotts of Cambridge- Scott Gilbert

THEN I am lucky enough to be with them, set the tone and get close and personal before they walk down the aisle. 

I feel that my contact with the bride is probably the most intimate. I'm there to calm their nerves, reassure them when they're worrying about little details and lend an ear when they need someone to talk to. Because emotions are high and there is so much to think about to get to THAT BIG DAY, it is hard to pull it together on the day. 

John Alexander Photography

SO, this blog is for my girls and boys who are about to get married or are planning weddings and need a helping hand!

Here are some things, I thought may be helpful in prepping for your big day. Whether you have a makeup and hair artist or not...a wedding planner or a very busy mother helping you out...

Below are some collections I created for my  TopFloor  Store!

Starting with my WEDDING DRESSES THAT ROCK Collection

There are so many styles that are 'IN' at the moment. It is all down to personal preference and what you feel comfortable in! But in this collection are the dresses I love and a lot of my brides love as well! Effortlessly delicate and gorgeous with a modern feel and a classic touch. They aren't too 'bling' or puffy and look gorgeous in vintage, delicate, country, farm house and manor house settings! 

CLICK HERE to see more dresses from the collection!

One of the things I talk to my brides a lot about, is how to prep for their weddings. This is how to get their hair in tip top condition, clear up any pesky skin problems, get a natural glow and even which makeup is best to use leading up and if I am not actually doing the makeup for the wedding, I do a lot of 1-2-1 with brides and teach them how to do their makeup and what they should be using. 

Here are some of my favourites for my brides including shampoos, serums, moisturisers, makeup, manicure sets and even epilators!

If a bride is going to do her own makeup, it's good to start trying things out early on. Getting used to applying her own eyelashes and getting a good glue is crucial.
Eyelashes don't have to be expensive, but you want them natural (well, unless of course you DON'T want them natural haha).
My favourite glue is DUO ADHESIVE in dark, because it blends well with dark eyeliner or if you have dark lashes. But you can also get it in clear.  

The Benefit STAY FLAWLESS is great to keep your makeup on all day! AND if you want to smell fresh and gorgeous, whether you are getting married or not, I HIGHLY recommend JO MALONE Lime & Basil Fragrance! It is SOOO YUMMY!

IF your skin is really acting up and you are looking for long term, clear skin, I have nothing but great things to say about the Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleanser.

MAC is always a go to product for my brides. I know the makeup looks great and holds well during the day. My favourites are TRACE GOLD Blush by MAC and if you are struggling for eyeshadows, the quads are great, like Temperature Rising!

Here is one of my brides that I used some of these products on!

My gorgeous bride used Laura Mercier Foundation and the rest was MAC and Estee Lauder. 

Once the wedding is over, there is the excitement of the honeymoon, which, most likely you (the bride) have had little time to plan and pack for! Here is a great little list to help with some of the things you MAY just need on that amazing trip!

Comfy bras (who needs lots of underwires on holiday eh?), comfy underwear and something cute and soft to sleep in. Especially if it is hot out!

You don't want to overpack but a few accessories would be nice. Bangles (bracelets) and and lightweight necklaces with a pop of colour can change an outfit and add a bit of flash with some ordinary shorts and tank tops!

Don't forget that we are human and no matter how loved up, we can get little headaches, allergies etc. Headache essential oils are great, especially for travel. They are small and pack a punch. 

You don't want to carry around a huge bag of makeup. A little goes a long way. Get yourself a cream shadow which is long lasting (especially in heat), a waterproof mascara and some beauty balm. 

Going on honeymoon is the best excuse to get new luggage! Sort yourself out with something that is lightweight, easy to move from place to place and can fold up small. 

A passport and wallet protector is a good idea as well. I adore this Corter Leather Travel Wallet. OH and taking photos with your iPhone won't cut it! I recommend getting a good Digital camera which will take the best photos to remember you amazing trip!

Aside from all of the above, remember that planning your big day should be fun. Before you know it, it will be over in a flash. Don't waste time worrying about the small things. They will soon be forgotten. Enjoy it to the MAX!

Here are all the links below! Check them out!
Let me know if I have forgotten something and I will add it :D

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Here is one for you now!

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