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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Back to School Makeup & Clothes!

I bet, for a lot of you, you are all groaning because school is nearly back on again! Your summer probably flew by and now, it seems, in a blink of an eye it is all over!

WELL fear not! Because summer may, in theory, be over in terms of being on holiday but it is most definitely not over seasonally and what's even more exciting is before you know it, you will be back in school seeing all of your friends. You'll be catching up on all the cool things you did over the summer and looking forward to the dances coming up, events you are going to and then it's Halloween, Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS! YAY!

One of the things I love as well about going back to school is the wardrobe and I have created a collection for those going back to school. Especially those going to High School and College, but not limited to!
I love experimenting with new looks, hairstyles, makeup and even nails! So I have a little bit of something for everyone! Click on the image below.

To help you into the transition of summer holidays to school again, here is my back to school makeup tutorial as well! Because not only do you have a new school year, but you probably have a wardrobe, if you are lucky, and maybe you are even allowed to wear makeup! YAY!

All of the products I have used are from the Drugstore except for Sam Farmer which you can get online. 
So 98% of the products are affordable and easy to get!

So here is my back to school makeup tutorial!

SAM FARMER- Skincare ( Fantastic range that is great for tweens, teens and twenty somethings! It is paraben free , not perfumed and gentle on the skin! Absolutely amazing! If you are suffering from Acne! You really must check it out and they even do deodorant! )  (I will write more on these amazing products next week so be sure to check back!

Maybelline_ BB Cream Dream Pure - Medium for Oily Skin
Maybelline- FIT ME- Concealer in 20
Maxfactor- Smokey Eye Effect- Cold Silver Storm Duo Eyeshadow
BarryM- Khol Pencil 26 (Grey)
e.l.f.- Eye Transformer Shadow Palette (Pink)
e.l.f.- Eyebrow Treat and Tame- Light
Maxfactor- Soft Copper Cream Blusher
Maybelline- FIT Me Powder- Soft Honey
Rimmel -  ScandalEyes Mascara
Maxfactor- Pink Princess Lip Liner
Boot- Lip Salve


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