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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunday, 25 August 2013

bareMinerals Eye-Brighteners Give a Twinkle to My Eye!

I am prone to looking tired. It's something I am growing used to. My lack of the hours I need a night to diminish the bags that have taken up residency under my eyes, is not adding up. I get less sleep and my dark circles are now sucking in the darkness and getting worse. 

I know it doesn't help that I don't sit down for a single second and am running around all of the time, but I really don't do 'sitting' very easily. (Which is partly why I haven't written a blog in over a week...sorrryyy...I'm actually updating my TopFloor Collection for this Autumn while writing this as well. Short attention span!)

Anyway, I have found something that really does help with my dark circles. I have been using it all summer and actually even before the summer started. 

You all know how much I love bareMinerals so it will be no surprise to you that they have come up with another great product that makes me happy and squeal with delight...especially because it improves the way I look, drastically!

The bareMinerals  Stroke of Light Eye Brightener has swiftly become my best friend. Ok, it won't be there when I need a shoulder to cry on, or tell me I look skinny when in fact the jeans, do indeed make me look fat. However,  Stroke of Light will diminish the black circles I get from crying and will help lift and define my face when I'm looking a little on the chunky side :). 

I love it. 

The light reflective tint helps boost and reflect off the under eye area, minimising the unsightly dark side of our eyes. The texture is smooth and creamy and doesn't crease. I've been wearing it all summer without problem at all. 
First applied L-R: 1, 2, 3 Tones

You get a lot of product in the tube as well. As opposed to some high end brands that give you a few clicks of highlight and then you're off to spend another £30+ on a new tube! (I won't name names!)

If you want a great illuminating concealer I would go for this one if it is within your budget. It comes in three different colours,  1, 2, 3. But evening if you're a number 2 you could use the 1 to highlight under the brow and help lift the eyes in the outer corners. 
Blended out L-R: 1, 2, 3 Tones

Only warning (for those who haven't used illuminating concealers before), DON'T use them to conceal spots and blemishes....IT WILL ONLY HIGHLIGHT THEM! :) But don't get angry at them. They're only doing their job. 

These bad boys are RRP: £22 and can be bought online or in store at  or

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