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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Skincare That Makes a Difference!

So, how many of you have been hooked by some sort of advert on the TV or magazines which tell you 'If you buy this product, you will look like 'so and so', feel like them and be as successful as them.'? Or how about you will be told you can even get a girlfriend, boyfriend if you use this product, have perfect skin, perfect hair and well...are just perfect?

It's so difficult to get away from all of the sexual undertones that come with the products we use!
THAT'S Just gross... and not just because it's Bieber!
SOMEDAY what Biebs? SOMEDAY WHAT? Why does he even have a women's perfume?
(someday I hope Bieber will stop making me gag, if I'm honest)

I mean, girls and guys (especially pre-teens, teens and young adults) already have a lot on their plate. Learning to maintain their hormones, which are all over the place, feel cool and try to fit in, in a society that basically says if you don't dress, act, smell, look a certain way that you are most certainly not as cool as the rest.

It's one thing to be an adult and enjoy a brand because you genuinely love it. It's easier to choose and enjoy things when you are an adult because you know what you like, you feel less of a need to people please. And lets be honest, we should leave the sexy stuff for adults and let kids be kids for a little longer!

As everyone tries to fight for equality, brand placement is actually driving the sexes apart and giving them the wrong ideas and values through fashion, music and even skincare.

So, in saying all of this, it is about time someone has come up with something that stands out among all of these annoying brands that push you to feel uncool unless you are using their brand...Curtains open....and in steps SAM FARMER CO !

Sam Farmer, a clever man who has a heart of gold, walked into a supermarket to grab himself some deo for one of his teen kids. He was annoyed to find there was nothing that didn't have some sort of sexual undertone or gender segregation to them.

I mean, really, does a teen boy really need to smell like he's dipped his entire body in a vat of cologne when he is only 12-13 years old and going to school? Why does he need to smell like that? Why would you want your son to be wearing a men's fragrance, which is clearly only there to promote one It's not cool, is it?

Do you really want you teenage girl to smell like some icky, sticky, unpure, ridiculously chemically enhanced perfume of a silhouette of a basque or lace bra on the front of it when the girl in question has barely gone through puberty? I THINK NOT!

Sam Farmer did something about this and I really think it's great.

Sam's products are brilliant as the packaging is gender neutral first of all. There's no blue for boys, pink for girls segregation. The packaging is packaging, that's all it is. It's there because it has to be there and it's not flashy because to be honest, it's what inside that counts. Which is exactly one of the messages we are trying to convey to the generations below us and to come.

The fragrances are all basically the same. Fresh, clean and don't smell chemically enhanced. Instead they are light and don't veer towards feminine or masculine. They are just neutral.

The roll on deo, which is my favourite item in my bathroom at the moment, literally is a breath of fresh air. It's lightness and clean scent lasts all day and doesn't make you smell like a nightclub.

One of the things that is going to make a big difference, especially for tweens and teens suffering from bad skin, is the fantastical face cleanser! WOAH, what a difference from those teen based cleansers that literally strip your skin of not only the annoying oil but probably the first two layers of skin!
RRP £6.00
Use Twice a day! Won't irritate the skin and is not stripping or drying!

I find it so irritating that horrible face stripping cleansers are pushed onto teens that are desperate for great skin and the adverts mislead them into thinking 1. They they will get perfect skin if they use these products that can literally take paint off walls.  
2. That these teens will probably get a boyfriend or girlfriend now that they have used these products and now have immaculate skin.

First things first people...teens get bad know why??? HORMONAL changes. It's not because they aren't using these pushy brands. It's because their bodies are changing. The worst thing you can do to an out of whack acne flareup is use abrasive products. THEY ONLY MAKE IT WORSE!!!

So yes, what I am getting at is that I totally LOVE this new range. You want to know what makes them even better???? THEY ARE TOTALLY AFFORDABLE!

Teens need healthy skin, hair and a brand that cares about them as individuals and not just about getting the cash, so making it affordable and within reach of the average tween and teen is just what the market needs!

P.S. I like the travel kit above because it comes with everything you need and to start out! It's a good gift for those going back to school and running off to Uni soon!

This is my lovely niece, Ruby, who was sent a Sam Farmer parcel straight from Sam himself. I cannot tell you how excited she was the receive this! It was totally unexpected. 

Ruby is 13. This is the perfect range...for her age group!

To purchase any of these products, either in the 50ml and 200ml sizes then go to:

Don't forget to check out SAM FARMER on: 
TWITTER- Sam Farmer Co

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