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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Wedding Invites & Planning Ahead!

Super cute wedding this summer!

My wedding season is coming to an end (well, I say end, but I still have two months left) and now all of those who got engaged over the summer are now starting to plan for their weddings NEXT summer!

There are so many overwhelming things to think about when you start to plan a wedding. One of the first things booked is usually the venue (you would hope at least) because without the venue, you can't have the wedding, RIGHT?

The next thing is to send out some 'Save the Date' & Wedding Invitations. The sooner you do this, the better off you are, because people book their summers up quite quickly.

I feel like invites set the tone for the up coming wedding. Gives people a little insight into what sort of event this is going to be. This little card represents you and your partner and you want it memorable.

So I have written about invites before, but in a different form. I am now going to talk about a more 'traditional' form of invite, that is easy to create, easy to order and actually look amazing!

Vistaprint (if you don't know who they are, they used to be known for making stationary. More commonly, business cards) have branched out and have stepped up their game, now creating products for a wider audience with a new bit of a flare in the design department!

I wanted to really check out what they were capable of doing. I may not be in the wedding invitation business but I am so involved in the wedding industry, that all aspects of these amazing ceremonies are interesting to me, especially the artistic side. (yes, invites can be artistic). 

I got married 10 years ago and I didn't have the options for invites, nor the money to spend (at the time) on such things. So I never had the chance to send out quirky, cute invites that would represent me, my soon to be hubby and my awesome HOT PINK wedding dress (that I ended up not wearing and wore a more traditional dress haha). 

So I have recreated THESE BAD BOYS to represent what my wedding would have been like, if it had been now. I kept the original date of my wedding because , well I didn't want wedding invites hanging around my house that really had nothing to do with my wedding and also, to make up for loss time!

So here is my favourite one I picked!

I was able to choose from a range of colours. This lovely 'vintage green' colour was my favourite. 
The style was brilliant. It felt like an old fashioned train or ticket stub.

It had little thinks I love, like the contrast in stars and flowers, with a pop of blue hues here and there. 
I like the fact it is slightly faded as well. 

You can chop and change whatever you want and make it as personalised as you want. I followed some slight guidelines they had here, but the rest I just made up my own little way of inviting people. 
The back of the card can be left blank or you can add anything you like. You literally have the whole back of the card to do as you please. 
I clearly added a little something :)

You can order envelopes which have the same design or just plain white ones. I ordered the plain white envelopes on this occasion. 

For these cards specifically it is £7.28 for 10 cards. (Vistaprint have an offer on all cards at the moment it seems). Which I think is a bargain!
Cards seem to range from about £4.48 for SAVE THE DATE cards up to £7.28 for INVITES. I can't seem to find any that are more expensive than that!

Even better, some of the cards allow you to upload images if you like. 
Here are a few more designs for you to feast your eyes on. 

Below is a super cute one I love as well and it was a real toss up between the two!
Front of Card

Back of Card

I hope you enjoyed those and I hope it eases the load of having to choose, yet another, important item for your wedding day!

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