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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sassy Storage Solutions!

We have another guest post today! It's a much needed one as well! We could all use a bit of Sassy Storage in our lives!

Sassy storage for your beauty products
It can happen so easily. A simple store of make-up and beauty products can suddenly become a hoard, but in order for the modern woman to look her best she has to get her beauty products in order. The start of the New Year is the perfect opportunity to have a sort through that hoard and de-clutter.


THIS actually makes me twitch a bit!

Making a start
As with any storage place in the home, a make-up drawer, box or shelf needs to be sorted through. If there are beauty products in a collection that have not been opened for more than a year, or even opened at all, then they need to be thrown away. Some cosmetics, especially mascara, have a life of little more than three months. While they are being used, they will be collecting bacteria, and which in the case of mascara, could prolong or cause eye infections. Also, if the product has not been used for such a long time, chances are it no longer suits - or maybe never did - its owner’s look or taste. Having this sort of clear out may also help to save money, as it will be possible to see what needs to be replaced and what does not.

Get organised
Some women are content to put their make up on the morning and not worry about their face for the rest of the day. Others want to continue looking their best and will routinely apply touch-ups. 

These women will want to have make-up bags on them, but these need only be large enough to carry absolute essentials, such as a powder compact, blusher, lipstick and mascara. Other items such as foundation can be left at home, either on a shelf or dressing table, or packed away in a kit. 
It makes sense to arrange cosmetics and toiletries into groups of what is used every day and what is used less often, so the everyday items are easy to access.
For those who like to keep their make up to hand, or like to apply their make-up in different spots, such as sitting on the bed or the living room sofa, it is perhaps best to keep it in a portable container. When it comes to make-up boxes, forget the chintzy types. Instead go for a professional style box, metallic on the outside with compartments on the inside.

Displaying beauty products

Of course, some beauty products are designed to be displayed. Some perfume bottles for example, are too pretty to be put away. Far better to have a dressing table like those found at  Furniture Village, which not only provide a display counter, but also storage drawers, and an absolute necessity, a mirror. A dressing table was once the mainstay of a lady’s boudoir, and it is becoming both a practical and desirable piece of furniture once again for the bedroom. A dressing table is the perfect place to have a pot holding make-up brushes, a stand to hold necklaces and bracelets, as well as bottles of perfume.

Start getting organised! I have!

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