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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wedding Decorations with a Twist

Wedding season is fast approaching which means that my Pinterest  boards are buzzing with wedding inspiration. 

With 11 boards to choose, from wedding hair and makeup , bridal gowns & accessories  to wedding decorations  there is something for everyone. 

One of the things I love is the overall feel of the wedding. The aesthetic touches that make it personal. I, personally, don't feel a lot of money needs to be spent to create the perfect atmosphere! Little touches, here an there can make a big difference. 

I started thinking about it...and as people are trying to save pennies but create big impact, one of the easiest ways to do that is with wall stickers! It's a great way to make a statement, add a personal touch and also a personal note. 

          Today Is Your Day Wall Sticker

Above is literally a wall sticked on a blue wall. You can take this sticker and place it over the entrance door of the ceremony! It's lovely, quirky and sweet and sums up just why everyone is at the wedding! I love this idea! 

The wall stickers are by an amazing company called Cut it Out ...see what they did there?

You can pretty much get any colour to suit your style or wedding as well...

There are so many options, to add that special touch. Something special could be added to your bride or groom's room before the big day, or something special from the family to add to the newlyweds' home!
I have spent several years working on weddings now and so many of my bride's are starting to think outside the box. Their styles have become unique, adding that special touch not only to their hair and makeup but also to their wedding themes. 
One bride in particular, loved the Beatles. So much so, Sara's wedding was themed around it! 
This sign below would have been perfect for her reception, to match her amazing cake. 

All You Need Is Love Is All You Need Stack Wall Sticker

Lois, below, had a wedding that had a deco feel with a touch of country chic. I loved the look of her barn wedding...and I think this lovely little sign, below, would have been a perfect addition.

All You Need Is Love You And Me Wall Sticker

Here's some more inspiration for these lovely Cut it Out decor wall stickers! 
The possibilities are endless. 

Moose Stag Head Framed Wall Sticker

Lady Profile In Art Nouveau Frame Wall Sticker

Gentleman Top Hat Side Profile Wall Sticker

Cute Birds On Swing Trees Wall Sticker Cherry Blossom

These little love birds on a swing are adorable and perfect for a bright, colourful wedding! 
They are a bargain at £16.99 

Want something a little bit dreamy? Change the colour tone and it changes everything!

Butterflies And Bird Cage Trees Wall Sticker Cherry Blossom

Image from Pinterest

If you are a little more classic, you can go for beautiful details that are subtle, soft and elegant. 

Flower Petal Pattern Wall Sticker

Flowers Petals Wall Sticker

 Or if you want to go all out! Then add a pop of colourful words that show just how you are feeling!

Oh Happy Day Wall Sticker

 Katie and Matt knew how to rock it! They planned their wedding around colours and it was wild! If you want something a little different like Katie and Matt, you can totally add a 'cool factor' with these decals. Ranging from £10.99 they are probably the most inexpensive decorations to use. They would have looked great as a backdrop to their photo booth!

I Love A Cool Gentlemen Wall Sticker

To The World May Be One Person Wall Sticker

So check out Cut it Out for some awesome wall decals either for your wedding or your home! 
For more inspiration for you wedding day, follow my Pinterest  ! I have something for everyone! 

Happy Wedding Planning!

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  1. Moose Stag Head Framed Wall Sticker is cool, will need find it some where


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