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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother's Day! Appreciate our Mommies!

It is mother's day…in the US and Australia…and I just want to thank all of the wonderful mothers I know.

It is a thankless job where mommies sacrifice so much to make sure their little ones thrive, survive, learn and grow. They spend their every waking moment worrying about their little ones, even when they aren't so little anymore. Moms put their careers aside, their old lives on hold almost permanently, their wants and needs get pushed aside and do A LOT of laundry!

Today is giving thanks to mommies around the world and letting them know they are not alone and that they are indeed appreciated! We wouldn't be here without you all!

My Beautiful Momma

My little brother and I.

We love you. xxx


  1. Hi! Sorry been away for a bit. My mother-in-law died recently. However, I have been keeping up with my favorite make-up artist grrrly! I loved the video with your mom (mum)! She is gorgeous and has an infection I am smile like you! You and your sister look a lot like her! So cute the way you two played off each other! What a lovely woman before and after the makeover! So there is hope for us more mature gals and I use all your tips mature or not mature. As long as it looks good and I can pull it off I am game! I hope you had a splendidnmother's day and that your mom is enjoying her visit across the pond! I swear Ash if I could make the trip I would stay and not look back. I was so spoiled living in London andncried to have to go back stateside. I always say I made a great expat while in London! Still here and still watching! xoxo -Liz

  2. Meant to write your mom has an infectious smile like you! I am so bad on my tablet! Lol ✴✴✴


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