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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 9 June 2014

Guest Post- Simply Bridal Talk Lingerie!

I have a lovely guest post by Simply Bridal  who know, not only how to make you look and feel good in the perfect wedding dress, but also know how to make you look and feel confident and beautiful underneath it all!
Image Courtesy of - Victoria's Secret

How to Choose Lingerie to Suit Your Body Type
When you’re a bride-to-be who’s preparing for your big day, it’s not just your wedding gown that you have to think about. Being that your wedding night is a pretty big event as well, there also has to be a lot of thought that goes into choosing something that will definitely blow your groom-to-be’s mind. And while looking for something in his favorite color is definitely a smart place to start, if you want some lingerie that truly fits you in all of the right places, it’s a good idea to look for something that best complements your body type too.

That’s why we wanted to take out a moment to provide you with a list of some things that can help you select the kind of lingerie that best suits your body. By following these tips, you’ll be like a gift that’s wrapped up in some really pretty packaging.

Image Courtesy of - Victoria's Secret
If you want to cover your tummy. If you’re someone who would prefer to disguise your tummy a bit, you’re certainly not alone. After all, a six-pack tends to be more of the exception than the rule when it comes to a woman’s physique. There is one way that you can cover it up. Look for some lingerie that comes with a baby doll silhouette. It’s super cute and still really sexy at the same time as it provides an hourglass illusion to accompany your curves.
Image Courtesy of - Victoria's Secret
If you want to bring definition to your waist. Do you have more of an athletic build and therefore, you want to bring more definition to your waist? If so, consider wearing some lingerie that has the style of a corset. It will bring more shape to your body and will definitely mesmerize your man to take more than a single glance.

If you wish to balance out your torso. Long lean legs are absolutely stunning, but unfortunately, that’s not a feature that is genetically embedded in all of us. However, if you still want to provide the illusion of having longer legs while balancing out a longer torso at the same time, why not get a high-waisted panty and matching bra? It’s chic and provocative all at once.

If you are heavy-chested. If your “cup runneth over”, we’re pretty sure that your man is going to have absolutely no complaints. However, if you want to “dress the girls up” in a way that gives them a bit of a boost, opt for some lingerie that comes in a halter style. That will give you the kind of seductive support you will need.
Image Courtesy of - Curvy Kate
If you have smaller breasts. On the other hand, if you have smaller breasts, remember that good things do tend to come in small packages. So, wrap yours up in a padded or push-up bra and add a matching panty to complete the look.
Image Courtesy of - Victoria's Secret
As you can see, finding the right kind of lingerie isn’t a hard thing to do. It’s simply about knowing what looks best on your body and feeling confident while wearing it. 

Happy lingerie shopping!

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