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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Friday, 13 June 2014

Pampering Before Your Big Wedding Day!

The lead up to your wedding day is going to be manic, whether you intend for it to be or not. The last minute little finishing touches, family members arriving from out of town, etc can make you and your partner feel less than fresh before the actual party takes place!

This is why it is important to mentally and physically try and slow down when and where you can. Try and finish up the little bits that are left, a few weeks before the big day and leave the last week before the wedding to be something of a relaxed build up! I promise it is possible! You just have to be a little organised. 

To help you slow down and really enjoy the build up, start thinking of ways to gently treat yourself at home each night! A little self pampering goes a long way for both the bride and groom. 

I would start with having some long soaks in the bath! Taking the time for the both of you the really enjoy yourselves and unwind before the chaos and fun of the big day! 

One of the products I am loving this warm June is my nspa Revive - Eucalyptus Sea Minerals - Sea Salt Scrub

I have been a HUGE fan of nspa for ages now because they are on par with high end brands but with a price tag that makes me smile! 
This lovely sea scrub has been my best friend since the sun came out! It is great for those about to go on holiday (or honeymoon!!) You simply get in the bath or shower and rub it onto your skin in circular motions. (Do it before you shave your legs!) This will prep the skin for a little bit of sunning you may do while away, get your skin ready and soft for any fake tanning as well! 

This lovely scrub was inspired by the Nirvana Spa  and contains magical ingredients such as Mango Seed oil which is a great (non oily) moisturiser, Dead Sea Salt which helps replaced lost minerals, calcium, zinc, potassium, to name a few and is incredibly soothing and smoothing for the skin as well as detoxifying. With the bonus of Eucalyptus to give you a boost of freshness for your body and mind, not to mention the Vit E which is soothing as well as an antioxidant. 

(You can tell this has been heavily used!)
RRP £7-11
Another thing which is great for both the bride and groom is to get your nails in tip top shape! Yes, men need to have lovely hands too! You both will probably have your hands photographed at some point!
One of my favourite things to use when I don't have my nails painted or I have an event coming up and I don't want brittle nails is I use JESSICA -Recovery Basecoat for Brittle Nails.  

This miracle base coat incases flexibility by using Keratin, Soy, Wheat Protein and Calcium to strengthen your nails. Great for the lead up to your wedding manicure!

RRP £3!
Moving on to two other nourishing treatments for hair and body which is great to get your nails, skin and hair in tip top shape before the big day is the nspa Moisturising Shea Butter from the Fruit Extracts Range !
I am a sucker for a good body butter, especially Shea Butter! This rich cream is great after you have exfoliated and have some particularly dry spots and just love a good, deep moisturiser before bed or after a fresh shower in the morning. 
RRP £8-16 per jar depending on supplier
(it will last you ages)

I have also fallen in love with Coconut Oil! I have been recommending it to all of my brides! It is a brilliantly natural biproduct of coconut and has so many uses! 

Use it on your cuticles (both bride and groom), the heals of your feet, knees, elbows and lips! 
I also use it to take off my makeup at night! If you suffer from bad skin and breakouts, it is incredibly healing, non greasy and takes off all makeup.  (MAKE SURE IT IS PURE, UNREFINED COCONUT OIL)

HOW TO USE: All you do is melt it in your fingers, dab on your eyelids and face, gently rub it in an outward circular motion. Get a warm, damp cloth and simply wipe the dirt away. Your skin won't feel greasy and it also helps close pores! You can even use it to moisturise your face if you have very dry skin!

ADDED BONUS ALERT... I use coconut oil on the ends of my hair! I coat it with a good amount at night for a deep moisturising mask and use a small amount at the ends of my hair as a serum during the day! This is saving my hair from breakage and it's so natural! A little goes a long way and the jar lasts forever! 

A couple months before the big day you should really start thinking about maintaining your skin and getting your breakouts and problem skin (if you have any) under control. With using something simple like coconut oil, you cut out all of the baddies when cleaning your skin which is one step in the right direction, then the next step is the start nourishing it...this goes for the grooms as well....

I am loving the nspa Deep Hydrating Facial Oil which is similar to the Clarins facial oils you can get but at a fraction of the price for a mere RRP £7
It contains Ginseng which is great for anti ageing, increases the skins' metabolism and increases collagen production as well as Vit E which promotes healing as well as premature ageing! This is a double bonus of anti-aging goodness!

HOW TO USE IT: Take a few drops and rub it into your palms. Press your hands onto your clean face and let it soak in then apply your moisturiser!! Simple as that! 

These are all simple pampering products to help you look and feel beautiful and fresh before your big day and honeymoon that won't break the bank!

Happy Wedding Day and Honeymoon!

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