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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Wedding Gifts That Rock!

It seems there are more weddings than least for me. With a never-ending stream of wedding enqueries coming through, it got me thinking... 'I wonder how many people I know are attending multiple weddings this year and what do you get everyone???' 

I know, personally, I like to keep gifts unique. I hate to think that someone else has bought the same gift as me. I like something quirky, but not too crazy and something that can stick around ... not a one off gadget or appliance that is only used while it is still fun. 

This is when I discovered UncommonGoods . There are some cool things on here and the best thing about it, as it is untapped territory. It's not overloaded like other 'unique goods' sites that everyone is hitting up the same venders. 
I first wanted to have a look at  special gifts for bridesmaids. Click here to check out some of the amazing gifts I came up with!
I loved this personalised branch bracelet! Its perfect for those rustic weddings that are so popular now!
RRP: £82-117

I did a search for wedding gifts here and there were so many great ideas. For example, personalised prints:
RRP £53-89.00 depending on frame.
Check the lovely prints out here!

This is such a cute idea! I have never seen something like this... especially for those who love a touch of 'American Roadtrip' which I have a few English brides with this theme! Such a cute idea. 

Or monogram sets which can be seen here on he site,  with the similar idea:
'It all Began. established...'
RRP: £113 for the set of two. 
Or how about this...(this made me a bit giddy)
CROSS STITCHED Portraits! Ha! So adorable ...I might have to buy myself one!
Check my stitchiness here.
RRP: £120-145 depending on how many people are in the photo! This is something that can be on the wall forever! I would love it!
If your budget isn't that big but you know the couple well and their style then this is pretty cool. Most couples have songs that remind them of each other and I definitely come from a time when mix tapes were the thing to do, so this gift is awesome! I am a sucker for quirky things like this...
Personalised Mixtape Doormat:
Click ME to see the doormat online.
RRP Bargain: £27!
Simply choose the album or band you both loved the most and have them plastered all over your front step! Score!

So have a browse!
You can check out some lovely gifts for the girls here , which is great for bridesmaids and mother's of the bride.
 You can also have a little rummage through the anniversary gifts, for something unique and one off by click this bad boy here. You can surprise your girl with something special that's not your run of the mill anniversary gift.
 Check things out. There is something there for everyone, especially when you're looking for something a little more personal!

Happy Shopping and Happy Wedding Season!

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