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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Friday, 25 July 2014

Wedding Photography - Guest Post | Jared Tseng

I often speak to my brides about who their photographers are and how they chose them. More often than not, they are unsure if they chose the right person and often have doubts. If you don't know your photography, its hard to make an educated decision. 

Today I have had the chance to chat with Jared Tseng  , a fantastic photographer (I had the chance to work with in April)  that has given us a glimpse into the photography world and some information that may be useful when choosing your own photographer for your big day. 

First things first, 
Me: How did you get into photography? Why weddings?

Jared: My interest in photography came in stages. When I was young, I remember looking at old photo albums that my mom had compiled of me and my siblings. I was fascinated by them, and the idea of looking back in time, at my OWN history was like magic to me. In high school, I bought myself a film camera off of eBay and started taking a few pictures. This was before digital really became a thing. I remember trying to be “artsy” by taking pictures of leaves and insects, which, when I think back on, is terribly embarrassing! In college, I started taking real photography classes, with the goal to start taking pictures like I had remembered seeing in my early family albums. The thought of doing it professionally never crossed my mind - at the time, I was planning on doing something with movies. After a few years of taking these classes, finally realised that being a photographer could actually be a career, and so I started assisting a local wedding photographer. 

I liked the idea of shooting weddings because they are so rich with storytelling!



Me: How do you feel about engagement shoots?

J: For me, engagement shoots are extremely important! Wedding photographers are different than any other vendor you will work with on your wedding day. There absolutely needs to be a sense of trust involved between the photographer and the couple. It changes things drastically if someone is having their picture taken by a stranger or a friend. I try to become friends with my clients, and the easiest way to do this is to have an engagement session! The couple gets to see the way I work and get comfortable being in front of a camera. On top of that, they get some great pictures of themselves!

Me:  How far in advance should a couple book a wedding photography?

J: I think that once a couple becomes engaged, as soon as they have a date and a location, they should start thinking about booking a photographer. Certain dates and months can book up fast, and if photography is important for you, then it’s important to find someone who is available for your date. For me, the booking timeline is on average about 8 months in advance, but I know that this differs in other states and countries. For some reason, the people in my city just tend to have shorter engagements!

Me: What are the things that couples look for most in their photographer?

I don’t think couples are able to pinpoint what exactly they like about a photographer of his work. They just know they like it. But on my end, there are TONS of things that go into making a good photograph. Lighting, location, energy, intimacy, and composition are just a few things that I’m constantly thinking about while taking photos. It is my goal that when people look at my images, however, that they aren’t thinking “Wow, what a great composition!” but rather, “Wow, what a great photograph!” People may not be able to pinpoint why they like something, but when all of the essential elements are working together, you end up with something killer!
Me:  List the shots that you think couples should never leave out. 

J: Ha! I like this question. I would say the biggest thing that you should never leave out and perhaps the one thing that people often forget about are the portraits of the bride and the groom. And this goes beyond the couple at the altar. It is SO IMPORTANT that the couple have portraits of themselves alone on their wedding day. 

Usually this ends up being a short 15-20 minute session before the ceremony (if they decide to do a first look) or after the ceremony. Oftentimes when planning a wedding, however, I’ve noticed that couples will forget to schedule this into their day. While a sunset ceremony without seeing each other beforehand is great, a couple won’t end up with any portraits of themselves to hang on their wall because there won’t be any light afterwards.

Me: Why is having a professional photographer important rather than just having your friends who are good at taking photos?

J: In my opinion, having a professional photographer is of absolute importance. It’s a huge gamble to give that job to a friend only to find that you don’t like any of the pictures that they took. And because of the nature of photography, there’s no re-do’s. Additionally, a friend is also less likely to have access to professional quality gear and editing software, nor will they have the developed craft of taking the hundreds of necessary photos to accurately tell the story of the day.

Me: If someone were to choose you as their photographer, what are type of packages do you offer?
J: I offer full-day wedding coverage in all of my packages, along with prints and albums! 

Jared Tseng | Jared Tseng Photography

So that's it folks! A little insider info on the life of a photographer and also some useful information that will help you choose the right guy/gal to shoot your special day! Don't just choose someone through recommendation. Make sure you trowel through their portfolio, check out their blog, read up on them and ask them these sorts of questions. Get to know the person who is likely to take photos of one of the most important day of your lives!

Happy Wedding Planning!

p.s. Hair and Makeup in all of these photos are by ME :)

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