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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunday, 21 December 2014

RSPCA and The Body Shop - Make Over The World

I was recently contacted by a representative who told me about the amazing 2 campaigns brought together by the RSPCA and their 'Make Over the World' and The Body Shop's 'Testing on Bloggers' campaigns, to help put a stop to animal testings.

The only thing I test out on my bassets are my flower crowns I make.
As an animal lover myself, a vegetarian for 12 years (I now eat meat but only free range meat from reputable farms) and someone who has a huge amount of respect for what the RSPCA does and also a huge fan of The Body Shop (I have been using their products for YEARS! Literally over 15!), I literally JUMPED at the chance to get involved.

I have never understood the reasoning behind animal testing on cosmetics. I know a lot about this because I used to work for LUSH (who originally created Cosmetics to Go with Anita who created The Body Shop) and I learned the ins and outs of why it wasn't necessary in our day and age to be testing on animals.

There are enough people willing to test products. If there is a reason a chemical MUST be tested, maybe this chemical's original formula or source isn't exactly suitable for human consumption or application and should be banned anyway!

I have never understood why a rabbit must have their eyes tested with our cosmetics, or why rats and mice and beagles should be subjected to torture all in the name of beauty.
It makes Buckminster smile to think that animal testing could come to an end. 
I have two bassets, whom I love (unless they eat two boxes of Christmas chocolates from under the tree) and can't imagine what their fellow hounds have to go through all in the name of beauty!

I have spent the last 12 years trying my utmost to use products that I know are not tested on animals. I used to refer to a detailed list, many years ago, the PETA put out that gave you a breakdown of 'who does what' with their products in the beauty industry.

This will probably explain to you why I tend to use the same products in my tutorials . I don't use brands just because they have a big profile. I use them because I know they come from a reputable company.

This is why I think it is great, that yet another company is taking the time to push the importance of 'cruelty free' products and reminding the general beauty loving public that there is a reason these bottles and potions you buy say 'cruelty free' and why you should always aim to use products that stipulate this.
I used the amazing Body Shop Define and Lengthen Mascara, Shimmer Waves Bronzing Powder  to help create this bridal look. 
Here is the beautiful Shimmer Waves Bronzing Powder in all of its glory! You can also see me work it in the video too :)

You can watch me talk about why this campaign is important and also have a look at the beautiful products that the Body Shop provide in terms of makeup. You can also see that I am rocking the Body Shop  Black Liquid Eyeliner  in this video.

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