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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Friday, 29 May 2015

Top Japanese & Chinese Beauty Trends You HAVE to try! - Guest Post by Gwen Lewis

Today, the lovely Gwen Lewis has written a brilliant guest post on the Japanese & Chinese tips and tricks we should be trying.

Japanese and Chinese Beauty Trends to Apply to YOUR Routine!

Asian women have long been revered for their intense, elaborate, and effective beauty rituals.  Though some of these techniques are unfamiliar to Western women, there’s a good chance adopting some of these methods will help you achieve a beautiful glow, luscious locks, and even skintone. That’s why the internet is so marvelous! It’s a great way to learn new things --- and look fabulous in the process. Check out some of these treatments: 

Hair Removal Techniques You Must Try 

You might be surprised to learn that many Japanese women shave their face. The treatment, referred to as kao sori or “shaved face,” involves using a straight razor to remove any facial hair. It can be done at home or in tandem with a regular facial and massage. (Many Japanese ladies do this about once a month and consider it a relaxing experience.) At a spa, the process usually involves a double cleansing, hair removal, and then a series of special lotions, calming agents, and the like. Although some claim that shaving generally causes the hair to grow back thicker, experts have debunked this myth

If facial shaving isn’t quite your thing, consider trying a spring facial hair remover. The process involves holding a thin, metal coil between your hands and rolling it up and down your face. The contraption traps stray hairs in the coil, leaving you hair free. It sounds complicated, but a quick video demonstration reveals its simplicity. Best of all, spring hair removers require no cleanup, expensive and irritating wax, or salon appointment. 

Double Cleansing - Why It’s The Best

Do you ever get frustrated with your cleanser? You wash your face but somehow, you still feel less than clean. That’s where the double cleansing method comes in. 

First, you want to remove your makeup. Many women will take an oil cleanser and use it to dissolve the makeup and/or pollutants resting on the surface of your skin. Next, it’s wise to use a gentle cleanser--foaming or milk versions are best--and remove any excess residue. Now give your skin one more gentle cleanse, followed by a toner, moisturizer, and/or serum. Finally, if you have pigmentation issues, apply a pigment corrector. If you follow this routine daily, you should have blemish free, supple skin!     

Exfoliation Techniques For Your Body  

We’ve talked a lot about keeping the face looking youthful and healthy. Let’s talk about body skincare! 

Asian beauty is all about balance; balancing rigorous skin care with gentle techniques suitable for sensitive skin. That’s where exfoliation towels come in. That’s where these colorful skin wash cloths come in. The do the job of sloughing off dead skin cells and regenerating new ones without the damage that often accompanies harsh scrubs. (Just say no to tiny cuts all over your skin!) Best of all, they’re inexpensive, colorful, and easy to use.  

So what do you think, beauty lovers?

Have you tried any of the techniques mentioned above? How did they work out for you? And if not… would you consider adding any of these beauty products to your arsenal? Leave your comments in the space below. 

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