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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunday, 7 June 2015

My Fittness, Clean Eating & Review | Primp Powder Pout

Welcome back friends! Today I have decided to give you a little low-down on what I have been up to for the last few months in terms of my fitness, eating etc!

Back in February I decided to start clean eating. I was about to go on holiday to the Caribbean and I worked out pretty hard already but really only saw a little change in my body. My fitness was pretty spot on, so I was healthy, but I was still carrying a little extra weight that was annoying me. As a little push, I decided that really what needed to happen was I needed to change my diet. I ate pretty healthy but I have a huge sweet tooth and every once in a while, during the week, naughty little treats would sneak into my little belly and this was holding me back.

So I decided that as of the 1st Feb my new way of eating would commence. This mainly meant that I was cutting the crap, literally, from my diet. No bread, no sugar, nothing processed during the week, with the exception of a Saturday 'Cheat Day'.

After a week, there was a huge difference! I was pretty shocked actually.

After two weeks, there was an even bigger difference and had dropped about 7lbs.
Day 1 to Day 21
By the third week I was 12lbs down from my resting weight of 142. It felt amazing and pretty simple. I had more stamina when it came to running...which is great because I was then asked to run not 1 but 2 races this summer, one being The Race For Life - In Cambridge and The British 10K London .

My diet is still much the same as it was back in February, however, I am a little more lenient on the weekend and not so strict on just the 1 cheat day, because I work out so hard, I found that I couldn't keep that sort of level of fitness going without refuelling properly.
Last day of April 2015 - Diet is a little less harsh!
I still had a little energy that was missing though, so it was great when SkinnyStix came to me about a review for them. I was a bit skeptical due to the name of the product, but I was pleasantly surprised once I started drinking the drinks.
2 weeks ago. Me and my Skinny Stix
SkinnyStix can be used in conjunction with weightloss. The way that you use them is either you have a drink 15mins before your meals, 3x a day to help curb your appetite. OR you have it as your drink of choice before exercise and if you need a little pick-me-up.

I preferred the drinks as a pre-workout supplement rather than appetite suppressant. As I liked the boost it gave me before a big workout session.

The way the skinnyStix work is they contain ingredients such as : Yerba Mate (Leaf) - Which is used to boost energy and aid weightloss. Guarana (Seed) which is a natural caffeine which doesn't give you that awful spike and crash that energy drinks and coffee can give you. Cacao (powder) which has things like magnesium in it that aid digestion (cough cough...bowel movements) and Cayenne Powder (which is known for it's thermogenic heating of the gut that boosts the metabolism)

It also contains loads of other extracts that help with metabolism boosts and the flavour such as Grape, strawberry, cherry, plum powders.

The drink comes in three flavours. Tangy Tangerine, Berry Fusion and Electric Lime.  You also receive a travel bottle with the purchase of the drink which is pretty cool too.

Below you can see my little video and review on the product and some more information on it. And Because I love you all, you can also receive 20% Off your first purchase, which of course comes with it's own bottle! Simply go to: MySkinnyStix and at the end of your purchase type in: SSREVIEW

If you would like to know more about my weightloss journey and how I am maintaining my fitness and my new lifestyle change, then please let me know. I would love to help others make a change for the better! I just wish I knew years ago, what I know now, about how to eat and be in the best shape... all it took was cutting a few naughty things from my diet! Grrr

You Can follow me on my Fitness Instagram Here! This will keep you a little up to date on what I am up to :)
I will also keep you informed on my training for the Race For Life in Cambridge which I am being sponsored by ScottishPowder for Cancer Research. 

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