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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Bridebook- Wedding Planning at Your Fingertips

Its February and Valentines Day has passed for many people this doesn’t mean much, but for the wedding world this is a big step into 2016-17 wedding planning!
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As many engaged couples ease their way into their planning of one of the biggest, exciting, funnest, most amazing days of their life (up until now)- there comes a point where they need to step things up a bit and start to finalise the specifics of their big day. This is can be tricky.

First, most people are NOT events organisers.

Second, many couples haven’t been married before so they really have no idea where to start.

Third, everyone has advice, who have been married before, but its not always relevant to your wedding and what you want. So when it comes to pulling together the wedding of your dreams, its hard to know where to start.

The obvious thing to do is hire a wedding planner as they know the ins and outs of planning a wedding and are able to assist, hold your hand and even plan the wedding for you. 
However, you maybe your budget doesn't include a wedding planner or maybe you would enjoy planning the wedding yourself but need the tools to do it!

This is where this amazing new site, which has just been launched (totally wished I could have been there) called Bridebook - comes into play!

Bridebook is the world's first digital wedding planner - meaning that you can literally plan your wedding from and at your fingertips and here's how:
  • Bridebook allows you access to tools for budgeting, guestlist building, shortlists, checklists & suppliers lists, from florists, cake makers to venues and wedding dress shops! That’s a lot of lists, that they help create for you to guide you through your wedding planning all in one place.
  • Bridebook has advanced tools that ensures brides only contact suppliers that match their specified requirements. So there will be no trolling through hundreds of different suppliers that aren’t going to be what you are looking for, effectively wasting a lot of your valuable time.
  • The dashboard gives real time updates and planning progress and what is on your list to do next.
  • Oh and one more thing! It's free!! FREEEEE - that's the uber bonus! In a world where pretty much nothing is free - Bridebook IS!

Some key little things that I love about Bridebook - You can 'Heart' your favs, it's available on your phone, tablet and PC, the site is super sleek and easy to navigate. The site isn't killing you softly with ambient music and is a one stop shop for all of your information needs!

This is kind of my dream bridal site. I know so many of my brides in the past who would have loved Bridebook and would have really eased their minds when it came to planning the biggest event they’ve ever thrown together!

Everyone should head over to and give it a little gander -its FREE, so why not? If you have a little’ll see I am on there too - Primp Powder Pout ! (thumbs up!)

Happy wedding planning and I’ll see you all this wedding season!
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Real Wedding - Kim in Chelsea
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