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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Friday, 16 December 2016

My Botox Experience & Review at Enhanced Face and Body | Primp Powder Pout


It's one week on Sunday! Woot! I love this time of year. Though I do wish it was a little colder. It is just way too warm at the moment!

Anyway, today I thought I would let you all in on a little secret. A month ago I decided to treat myself to a little bit of facial aesthetics. I decided it was time to test out a little bit of Botox. 

I have been a bit reluctant to discuss it because there is so much negativity surrounding it. I really didn't want to agro of people telling me WHY I SHOULDN'T have it etc! To be honest, I would have typically been one of those people that frowns at the idea of something like botox, however, curiosity got the better of me. 

One of the things I was most nervous about was finding someone reputable to do my treatment. this isn't one of those things you just look up online and choose the first person that pops up. This is a delicate procedure and if done incorrectly could leave you with a temporary droop or overly lifted face and that's just NO GOOD!

Once I did my research, I decided to test the waters with Jenna from Enhanced Face and Body in Cambridge. 

From the moment I sat down with Jenna, I felt at ease. She discussed what I was after and didn't put a hard sell on me to have more Botox or treatments done, than I actually needed. 
Then, after my consultation, I booked my appointment for the following week and got started! 

Here are a series of shots that my friend Lynsey took, just before the treatment. skin is crazily dehydrated as I look AWFUL! Keep reading below so you can see all of the before's and afters! 
Here can see the crows feet at the sides of my eyes
& quite a bit of puffiness under my eyes. Also my brows are heavy on my lids.  

I am quite an animated person, so this brow raise is my signature &
I really wish it wasn't! 

This is basically what my husband sees, daily. 

Before we started, Jenna mapped out where she would be injecting, to ensure it hit the right points, but also allowed her to learn my face map. 

Jenna injected in the middle of my forehead and just above my brows, frown between my brows, just under my eyebrows and in my crows feet.
Here you can see the white pencil lines, where Jenna marked my forehead.

Then with a gentle touch, Jenna worked her way around, reassuring me the entire time.
I'm not great with needles, so this was a nice touch!

After the treatment, I had a bit of pressure in the middle of my forehead, where I frown a whole heck of a lot. That soon passed and by day 4 is when everything started to kick in! I had mild panic that I would freak out of I couldn't move my face, but amazingly, I still have movement...I just look less knackered! I think the most stressful thing for me was that I couldn't work out for 24hrs afterward. No Joke! Panic stations!

Here are the Before & After. On the top is before the treatment. Below is day 4! Already feeling happy with the outcome by this point. 
I went back to see Jenna two weeks after my first treatment to see how things were looking and top up anywhere I might want...which is precisely what I did. So I had more added to my frown in the middle and a bit on my forehead. 
This is me 2 weeks and 4 days after my initial treatment and 4 days after my top up. 
I am literally blown away! I love it so much I will never go back. Jenna is an absolute genius! Next time I am definitely filming it!

Look how smooth my forehead is! Look how naturally lifted my brows are on the bottom left. There is literally NO filter on either of these. The bags are gone under my eyes! AMAZING!

If you have been toying with the idea of having it done, I can say its definitely worth it. IF you live in the Cambridgeshire area and you really want someone reputable, I can highly recommend Jenna at her beauty clinic - Enhanced Face and Body . You will not be disappointed!

Jenna also offers a plethora of other treatments that I am keen to try! She does everything from Fat Loss treatments, Dermal Fillers, Butt Lifts, Cellulite treatments and anti-aging treatements. 

So for all of those who are looking for a little bit of body or facial 'pick me up' before the Spring or Summer, then go check her out!!! 

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