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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Woman in Business - Beauty Tricks

Women in business – Beauty tricks that can help you look amazing in just a few minutes!
Many women love pampering and taking good care of their bodies to look confident at work. But what happens when you’re on the go and don't have as much time do your makeup and look sharp for a business trip or corporate meeting? Attractive women tend to have more success in their business life- according to some studies, but this can become a problem if you are constantly flying, traveling, or rushing from one event to another. Some women take the easy way out, and focus mostly on getting their beauty sleep, using that as their only beauty tool. But there are some other beauty tricks that can help you look amazing in just a few minutes.
Moisturize at night
You should know your everyday make up routine by now. Most business women don’t have a lot of time to spare in the morning. Half an hour to take a shower and do your make up should be enough. But if you want your face to look perfect in the morning, the secret is to moisturize it very well at night. You’ll wake up all refreshed, and everything you need to be ready on time is a bit of foundation, mascara, blush and your favorite lipstick.
Stick to basic beauty products
Makeup essentials are very important. But you should also have beauty things in your bag. Wet wipes, lip balm, and a small kit with extra foundation and blush – these are fundamental items. Also, sunscreen matters just as much, regardless of the season. As a business woman, you’re probably driving and moving from one meeting to another a lot. For your skin to be protected from damaging UV light, a sun blocker with a SPF of at least 40 is highly recommended.
As mentioned before, your skin needs to be moisturized. Leaving aside evening masks and creams, you should also drink a lot of water during the day. Hydration is paramount. Busy business women barely have time to eat during the day. But you can’t afford to neglect your body if you want to be able to do your job properly. Water keeps your body active and your skin glowing. Keep a water bottle in the bag, and drink as much as possible. Don’t forget to refill it every couple of hours.
Hairstyle& hair health
Stay away from complex hairstyles at work. Keep things as simple as possible, but make sure your hair looks healthy and clean. A high ponytail can look extremely stylish; it’s also practical. For your locks to look amazing, it’s very important to clean it properly. Invest in a top quality shampoo and conditioner. Get a hair mask made of olive oil and vinegar every Sunday to restore its glow, and make sure to cut the tips every month.
Body care
You may not have a lot of time to exercise, but at least once a week you have to get an appointment at the beauty salon. A relaxation massage can do miracles to the mind and body. Also, consider more advanced treatments such as hair removal laser procedures, an anti-cellulite or electrostimulation session to help restore skin elasticity and glow. This way you will no longer have to spend time shaving or waxing before going to work.
Taking care of your hands and nails is equally important. As a business women, you should know that everyone’s eyes will be on your face and hands. Moisturized hands and a very simple but chic manicure will convey a sense of responsibility. If your hands don’t look good and are all cracked, the impression you make on everyone around you is not a very good one.
Success in business is all about how you present yourself. First impressions matter the most, and if you don’t groom yourself, you might miss out on a wealth of opportunities. Contrary to popular belief, in the business environment many people like to assess the person they’re speaking to. Women, in particular, must be very careful. An adequate wardrobe, a simple but clean makeup, healthy hair and nails, and the right attitude are essential ingredients that guarantee them success.
Today's guest post is by Daniel Lewis and his take on what it takes to be presentable as a business woman!

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